Fundamentalist Acts of Erdogan During his Term as Mayor of Istanbul

[Information provided by a reader of this blog. Unedited]

1- Relations with the Muslim Brotherhood Organization
Hosting of Muslim Brotherhood Organization representatives in Istanbul was provided by the municipality and residents of Istanbul. This organization located in Egypt is widely known as supporting international Islamist terrorist organizations. Jordan Branch representative of this organization Mohammed Ashmawey and Egypt branch representative Hasan Huwaydi stayed at Holiday Inn in Bakirkoy, Istanbul. The costs were paid by Ulasim AS (Transportation Inc. ), a municipal company of Istanbul. These were documented by Department of Internal Affairs.

2- Muslim Community Association:
Erdogan organized the “Union of Muslim Communities Conference” between May 28-29, 1996 in Istanbul. Necmeddin Erbakan made an opening speech. The expenses of delegates who attended the meeting amounting to U.S. $ 180,000 at Istanbul Eresin Hotel was paid by IGDAS. So technically residents of Istanbul financed the meeting with higher natural gas bills.

3-International Islamic Union Conference
Erdogan organized the “international Islamic Association Conference in April, 1997. Costs were met again by the Istanbul Municipality.

4- Mosque in Taksim Square
During his term as mayor, Erdogan gave positive messages to fundamentalists and acted in favor of them despite the fact that it made the political atmosphere more tense. Building a mosque in Taksim was one of them. He even issued evacuation notices for the shops nearby. But after his term was over, the project was left uncompleted.

5- Embracing people dismissed from Armed Forces
Erdogan embraced non-commissioned and other officers who were dismissed from the Armed Forces by NSC because of their reactionary activities. He tried to give the message ‘I am not afraid of the army’ to fundamentalist segments to gain their favor. He gave office to these people in his municipality.

6- Hired the people insulted Ataturk
Erdogan embraced the people who were convicted by a court decision for insulting Ataturk as well. They were given a position including imams preaching against Ataturk and so-called scientists at Istanbul Municipality. They were paid by people of Istanbul. One of Erdogan’s advisors Prof. Dr. Ihsan Sureyya Sirma was also convicted for 1.5 years on charges of insulting Ataturk.

7- Ugur Mumcu District (District is named after the journalist Ugur Mumcu who was assassinated on January 24, 1999, the case is still unresolved as many other political assassinations..)
ISKI (Istanbul Water Corp) did not distribute water to this housing site because of the name. They did not provide bus services. They didn’t make roads. General Manager of ISKI told the residents of the district: ‘You wont get any water unless you change the name of the district’. Thanks to the press, the event was publicly heard and the governor got involved and the problem was resolved after a long struggle.


2 thoughts on “Fundamentalist Acts of Erdogan During his Term as Mayor of Istanbul

  1. great to read this blogi. li lve in Turkey many years now and i can feel the change in the atmosphere especially where women are concerned.
    your blog reminds me of one i used to follow..ak party watch…which suddenly glad to see this one.
    e lets hope they can be stopped in their tracks before the Turkey that i know and love disappears

    1. Shirley,

      Thank you for your message. I also noticed that AKP Watch stopped publishing posts after 2008. Whoever was moderating it must have been “neutralized.” I will continue revealing the dark side of this organization called AKP, which is nothing less than a horde of Islamofascist bullies who want to abolish the secular democracy in Turkey as we know it.



      PS: Please be assured that we will not only stop that train on its tracks, but will also derail and destroy it. Turkey has seen traitors a lot worse that these pigs.

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