Transsexuals are being increasingly terrorized by police officers in Istanbul, thanks to a new bonus system instituted by the notorious chief of the City’s police department, Huseyin Capkin. Based on this system, officers get extra bonus points for intercepting and ticketing “men who are dressed in women’s outfit,” for disturbing the peace and the environment.

Based on testimonials of victims, transsexuals are regularly stopped by the police and asked to present their identification cards. Harassment by law enforcement takes place in the streets, at grocery shops or even at hair dressers. One victim, who declined to be identified, reported being taken out of a hairdresser and given a fine of 69 Turkish Lira, which amounts to USD 44.  Some victims have been ticketed multiple times a day. One transsexual stated that the police told him that [transsexuals] “will not be able to step out into the streets.”

Huseyin Capkin, who heads the Istanbul Police Department, is known for his tolerance for and encouragement of brutal acts against citizens in every jurisdiction where he has served. Such acts include torture and executions under custody, random shootings of innocent citizens by the police, and violent crushing of peaceful civil demonstrations. Please read our related posts about Capkin’s human rights record and the recent police violence against demonstrators.

Under the new system, a police officer obtains 10 points for arresting someone carrying narcotics and 100 points for arresting a transsexual. Officers arresting 5 transsexuals per week are awarded with an extra day of vacation. Human rights advocates view the bonus system and systematic harassment of transsexuals as another step in the campaign by the Islamofascist AKP regime to suppress freedom of speech and freedom of expression, as well as to eradicate lifestyles which Islamists consider immoral or perverted.


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