In December of 2010, the Turkish public was shaken with the images of the police brutality in the streets of Istanbul unleashed against university students, who were about to stage a demonstration to protest the Islamofascist AKP government. Riot police arrested dozens of students after attacking them with steel batons and blinding pepper spray, before the demonstration even began. Officers were photographed punching students, who were unable to defend themselves, and viciously kicking those who fell on the pavement. A female student had a miscarriage after being repeatedly kicked and trampled upon by several deputies. Other students were brutalized under police custody, as evidenced by photos of when they were being escorted by the police and after they were released. (see our related posts: Police beat female student into miscarriage and  Police beat college students.

Now let us meet the guy who is behind this unabashed violence in Istanbul: Huseyin Capkin. He is the chief police director of Istanbul, a rank which is approximately the equivalent of a police commissioner in the American law enforcement hierarchy. Police commissioners and all officers of the national police organization in Turkey are appointed employees of the state. The police organization is under the governance of the Ministry of the Interior, and throughout the recent Islamicization campaign led by the AKP party, political and ideological, rather than professional or merit-based, considerations  have weighed heavily in appointments of officers at all levels. Thus, officers with affinity to Islamist ideology are being promoted and those with secular views are being eliminated. Capkin is known to be a sycophant and a bedfellow of the ruling Islamofascist AKP elite. Throughout his tenure in the Turkish police force, Capkin has built a heavily tainted record of human rights violations.

Istanbul Police Chief, a leading human rights violator

Here is an abridged version of his resume of shame, from the times when was the police commissioner in Izmir, the 3rd largest Turkish city:

  • He protected police officers who tortured 16 high school students. The students were accused of being terrorists and were acquitted only after 7.5 years of incarceration.
  • In 2007, a 20 year old boy was shot in the back of his head by the police. Deputies involved concocted a traffic accident report to cover up the incident. The deputies were eventually acquitted, while the parents of the victim were arrested for “insulting police force.” The man behind all this, you guess right, is Capkin.
  • Emrah Gider was shot by the police in Izmir on October 23 2007.
  • Uğur Olukkaya was shot for not complying with “stop warning” by the police on July 3rd, 2008.
  • Many other incidents of torture and disproportionate use of force took place under his supervision in Izmir.

Huseyin Capkin is an Islamic fundamentalist who believes that Ramadan solves crime problems, as “crime rates halve during the holy month.” For the rest of the year, he prefers to use baton, pepper spray, and bullets against unarmed and peaceful anti-government demonstrators.

When Capkin is to visit any country that is governed by democracy and rule of law, such as the United States, the European Union, or any other developed nation, visa officers should think twice before giving this human rights violator permission to desecrate the soil of free lands. If he is still issued a visa, he should be arrested the moment he disembarks.



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