In a fresh burst of anti-Semitic rhetoric, high-level Turkish government officials blamed Israel and the Jewish lobby for the Wikileaks incident. Acerbic comments made by U.S. diplomats regarding key figures of the Turkish government and the AKP party, which were in the U.S. diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks, have caused substantial uneasiness among the party leadership.

Hüseyin Çelik, deputy leader and spokesperson of AKP, told reporters that “One has to look who benefited the most from the revelations,” and that Israel is “very pleased of the Wikileaks incident.” Yasin Akdoğan, the chief political advisor of the Islamofascist prime minister Erdogan, claimed in an op-ed he wrote in an Islamist newspaper that there is a “global operation, a covert propaganda activity, a grand psychological operation. It does not appear to be a coincidence that the [leaked] documents contain allegations to discredit the [AKP] government,” and laid the blame explicitly on Israel and the Jewish lobby in Washington for the leakage of diplomatic wires.

Turkish press reports that Mehmet Ali Şahin, speaker of the Turkish parliament and originally an AKP leader, said that “there are political aims behind the publishing of this information on an Internet site,” and hinted at Israel as the culprit. Finally, President Abdullah Gül, who was one of the founders of the AKP and a former foreign minister in Erdoğan’s cabinet, told reporters that it is “conspicuous that there are no [leaked] documents against Israel.”

These comments evidence the deep-seated anti-Semitic sentiments and conspiracy-afflicted minds of AKP leaders. Unfortunately, these are the very people who determine the course of a country with a 75 million population, the world’s 16th largest economy and NATO’s second largest army, sitting strategically between Europe and the Middle East, and Russia and the Mediterranean, and controlling critical energy corridors supplying European markets with oil and natural gas. More anti-Israel actions such as the Davos incident, the rapprochement with Iran, and the flotilla crisis are highly likely to come from Turkey under the AKP leadership.


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