Ahmet Davutoglu, mastermind of the change in Turkey's strategic direction

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu embarked on a trip to Washigton D.C. on November 27th to attend an event ceremony organized by Foreign Policy magazine to announce the second annual 100 Top Global Thinkers list, in which he has been included this year. Nominating Davutoglu one of the 100 Top Global Thinkers for changing the strategic course of a secular NATO country and making it an ally of terrorist Iran and Syria demonstrates utter insanity, if not bad intentions, of the FP awards committee. Unlike the likely befuddled members of the committee, however, Secretary of State Clinton and President’s National Security Advisor Tom Donilon should not let themselves get fooled by Davutoglu, the master of deception, who will come to Washington not only to receive his well deserved (!) title but also to convince U.S. policy makers and administration officials that Turkey is not changing its strategic direction and is still a reliable NATO ally. Do not believe a word of it!

Establishment of an Islamic alliance, resurrection of the glory of the Ottoman Empire, and reassertion of Islam’s power against the West are the common ideals of Davutoglu, Erdogan and Gul. It is a dream with which these people have been raised and which shaped their way of thinking in politics and life in general. The AKP organization, from its leadership cadre to its simple members, overwhelmingly resents Turkey’s secular and western orientation and sees it as capitulation of this proud Islamic nation to its infidel adversaries. If the western intelligence organizations had to report one single piece of information about AKP, it should have been this fact, and if they didn’t do it, they miserably failed.

The predecessor movement of AKP, Milli Görüş, led by the veteran and highly imaginative Islamist Necmettin Erbakan previously attempted Islamic unification with a plan to establish a D-8, including 8 developing Muslim nations of Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey as a rival to G-8, and with such absurd propositions as an Islamic NATO, an Islamic monetary and customs union, and an Islamic common currency. However, Davutoglu’s strategy is the first realistic and serious attempt to implement an Islamic rapprochement using Turkey’s powers, capabilities, and foreign policy tools. Ms. Clinton and Mr. Donilon, when Davutoglu and his sidekick Ömer Çelik, vice chairman of the Islamofascist AKP, tell you that Turkey is a loyal member of NATO and is becoming more democratic under AKP rule, they will be shamelessly lying. AKP’s mission is to close ranks with its autocratic Muslim brothers and open the doors into a new era where Islam will not be subordinated but will become a dominant power in the global order; If AKP pursued any less ambitious goal, it would betray its own existence. The support for Iran, the defense of Hamas, the backing of Sudan, and the rhetoric and policies against Israel all can be traced back to Davutoglu’s grand Islamic vision, which is not be given up under any circumstance but can only be disguised.

AKP is responsible for turning Turkey away not only from the West internationally and but also from the Western values domestically. Ms. Clinton and Mr. Donilon: When Davutoglu and Omer Celik, vice chairman of AKP visit, ask them about the rising anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism inside Turkey. Ask them about the suppression of press freedoms and the dissident journalists who have been fired or forced to resign. Ask them about wiretappings, the dozens of university professors, intellectuals, authors, reporters and army officials who have been jailed on dubious charges based on “secret” witnesses and fabricated evidence. Ask them about restrictions on alcohol use and sale. Ask them about the recent raiding of the art galleries in Istanbul by radical Islamic mobs and beating of artists and arts fans. Ask them about the 18 college students who have been sentenced to 1 year and 3 months in jail each for exercising their democratic right of protesting the prime minister. Ask them about the woman who was given an 11-month jail sentence for writing an online commentary critical of President Gul. Ask them about why the vast majority of the population has come to hate the guts of Americans and Jews in recent years. Ask them about why Turkish people are afraid of criticizing the government, talking on the phone or simply, speaking up their mind in public. Turkey under AKP rule has turned into an empire of fear.  Ask Davutoglu and the anti-Semite accompanying him about their support for the terror organization Hamas. And please read the following article authored by Omer Celik to get a small glimpse of his anti-Israeli rant:

Davutoglu and his minions will keep lying throughout their trip in D.C. since they don’t have the heart to tell the truth.  Just look at the deeds, and not the words. AKP follows an agenda of Islamization of Turkey, both inside and out. Thanks to AKP’s policies, Turkey is closer to antidemocratic and backward Syria, Iran, Jordan, and Iraq than to European countries, the ranks of which Turkey’s secular governments previously aspired to join.

Lying is not something unfamiliar to Davutoglu and other Islamists. It is called “taqiyya” in Arabic and means “concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies” (definition from Hence, taqiyya is a justification of lying by Islam to reach one’s Islamic goals. This is just what AKP is doing domestically: It is relentlessly suppressing freedoms and liberties in Turkey and turning it into a Middle Eastern autocracy day by day, whilst telling the whole world that they are democratizing the country and expanding freedoms. This is no different from what they do in the international arena: Aligning Turkey with terrorist regimes, rebuffing the U.S. and other Western allies, making an enemy out of the former friend Israel, lifting visa requirements with Arabic and Middle Eastern countries and seeking free movement of goods, services and citizens with Muslim nations…. And Davutoglu will look Ms. Clinton in the eyes, while sporting his naturally cunning smile, and tell her that AKP is bringing Turkey closer to the West…You gotta be kidding me!

Ms. Clinton and Mr. Donilon, please don’t let the master of deception pull the wool over your eyes. If you do, you will be an accomplice to the empire of terror and fear AKP is building inside and outside Turkey. Stand up for freedoms in Turkey now, just like your predecessors stood up for freedoms of the nations behind the Iron Curtain during the cold war. You owe it to the history and the founding principles of the U.S., which is the greatest friend freedom-loving peoples hope to count on.



  1. I would like to ask the author of this blog to comment on Wikileaks’ revalations about the Turkish government and Erdogan’s reaction.
    Starting with his eight (!!!) secret bank accounts in Switzerland.
    I though a devoted muslim (as he consideres himself) is not ought to desire and steal money. How ignorant/blind Turkish citizens are that they have voted for this greedy lyer who doesn’t give a damn about Turkey.

    1. There is so much to comment on! I already have a list of topics that I need to address before I get to Wikileaks but I may need to re-prioritize the items and handle Wikileaks before.

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