PakTribune newspaper of Pakistan reports that the prime minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan,  has said during a visit to the flood-stricken Pakistan that the US was “supporting some common enemies of Pakistan and Turkey and the time has come to unmask them and act together.”  He said that Pakistan,Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran have a “common future, security of one country lies in the security of others but our enemies are creating problems for us.”

The article reports that Erdogan was very hard on the “double standards” of the USA and said that the flotilla raid “unmasked the so-called civilised face of Washington who openly and shamelessly supported the state terrorism of Israel.” “Nine Turkish martyrs on the ship received 21 bullets from Israeli soldiers in their bodies, we provided post mortem reports and even the pictures to the EU and USA but Washington is not ready to condemn the state terrorism of Israel against Turkey which means that the USA is supporting an international terrorist who killed our citizens in international waters”.

This rhetoric reminds me very much of the Iranian dictator Ahmedinejad’s anti-American rant. It appears that a second Iran is in the making and I am not sure what the U.S. is planning to do about this. American policymakers seem to not have grasped yet that AKP with its islamofascist ideology and its autocratic leadership is the biggest threat, not only for the Turkish democracy but also for the national security of the United States.



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