Islamofascist AKP Government Approves Operating Dam on Archeological Site of Allianoi

The Islamofascist AKP government, which has radically changed the Turkish foreign policy by aligning the country with Iran, antagonizing the one-time ally Israel, and publicly supporting the terrorist organization of Hamas, has made yet another controversial decision, this time regarding an ancient site in Turkey. Turkish press reports that the Turkish government has recently approved to start operating Yortanli Dam, which will inundate and destroy the ancient spa settlement of Allianoi. The settlement dates back to the 2nd century AD and was renowned for its thermal baths during the Roman and then Byzantine periods.

The nymph's statue which became a symbol of Allianoi Rescue Campaign

The 2nd Committee for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets in Izmir has ordered the burial of Allianoi in sand and approved the operation of the irrigation dam, which will flood the ancient site located in its reservoir. The decision will practically cause the disappearance of the two thousand year-old archeological site and has stirred protests by conservationists in Turkey and around the world. However, the AKP government and its Islamic-minded bureaucrats have chosen to ignore criticisms, whereas the environment minister, Veysel Eroğlu, brazenly denied the existence of the ancient settlement. “There is no such place as Allianoi. It is just a hot spring called ‘Paşa Ilıcası’ that was recently restored,” said the minister. “Veysel Eroğlu is not an archaeologist. What he said is really ridiculous,” Assistant Professor Ahmet Yaraş, head of the excavations, said Wednesday based on a report of the Turkish daily Hürriyet.

“Allianoi is the most protected hot spring in the world. Some 11,000 coins, around 400 metal artifacts, 400 bone artifacts, 800 ceramic artifacts and around 400 glass artifacts have been found during excavations,” said Yaraş, adding that only 20 percent of the city had been successfully excavated so far. “We have found a sculpture of Asclepius, who was known as the god of health. Alliaoni has 400 surgical instruments, the highest number ever found, proving that the place was a hospital at the time,” he said. (Original report

Allianoi general view

While the AKP government is extremely vigilant about any cultural issue pertaining to Muslims in the world, it readily authorizes projects that irreversibly destroy non-Islamic cultural heritage within Turkey. Although this seems paradoxical, it is consistent from an Islamic viewpoint, because Islamists are only concerned about their own faith and do not have any appreciation and respect for other cultures that they consider wicked and impious. The decision of the Islamofascist government of Tayyip Erdogan to wipe the ancient Greek city of Allianoi off the maps is analogous to the destruction of Buddha statues in Afghanistan by Taliban in 2001. Both incidents demonstrate the animosity of fundamentalists toward non-Islamic civilizations.


2 thoughts on “Islamofascist AKP Government Approves Operating Dam on Archeological Site of Allianoi

  1. Allianoi does not fit to the current government’s ideology of political islam. For them it is a pagan site and it would make then only happy when that site is deleted. Similar to the Buddha statues in Afghanistan destroyed by the Taliban.
    Regarding the dam, it is not used to generate electricity, but simply to provide water to the land. It is an old, out-dated project started in the late 1970s. It is bad for the environment (a lot of water will vaporize from this lake without being used), the dam cannot be removed when it is not efficient anymore (after 1 generation), and only a few healthy land owners will profit from it (who, in turn, are expected to give a lot of money&support to the current AKP government). If farming is not possible, do it somewhere else (there are plenty of locations) instead of destroying history and nature for selfish purposes.
    By the way, minister Eroglu should lead a local Koran school instead of doing his current job that is way over his simple standards.

    1. Thank you for your insightful commentary. What you said about minister Eroglu is valid for almost all members of the AKP cabinet. They are a bunch of retards who want to force upon people the lifestyle of the 7th century AD.

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