Radical Islamic Terror Alert: Cities to Avoid in Turkey

This is a travel advisory for those who intend to visit Turkey. The following cities are highly dangerous for non-muslims to visit: Erzurum, Trabzon, Malatya, Konya, Kayseri, Sivas, Adapazari (Izmit), Batman, Balikesir. You need to avoid pretty much ANY city outside of Istanbul, Izmir, and the coastal towns on the Aegean and Mediterannean coasts. Recently, a catholic priest of Italian descent was murdered in Trabzon and three christian missonaries were brutally slaughtered in Malatya. With the radical AKP party’s ascent to power, Turkey is rapidly being islamicized by the extremist cadres of AKP in these localities and in Ankara. AKP municipalities are cancelling alcohol licenses of restaurants or making it impossibly difficult to obtain a new one. Women who wear jeans or miniskirts are insulted or threatened. Women of ages are “encouraged” to cover themselves with a headscarf. We hear more and more stories of older men marrying underage girls, who are being sold by their parents. Restaurants shut down in the “holy” month of Ramadan and it becomes impossible for a non-fasting person to get food. It may be life-threatening to be seen eating something on a street in Ramadan. Below is the picture of the president of Turkey, the chief supporter of this repressive and corrupt regime, with his tasteless wife dressed in a “space” suit.

"President' Gul and his wife -- "Nouveuax riches, and islamic"
“President’ Gul and his wife — “Nouveuax riches, and islamic”



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