German Christian Democrat Wants to “DELOUSE” Munich from Social Democrats

This news story is already several months old but it is so shocking that I had to write a post about it.  Josef Schmid, the candidate from Christian Social Union (Bavarian sister party of Christian Democrats) for Mayor of Munich, characterized the red-green coalition, i.e. the Social Democrats and the Greens governing the city as “the louse in the fur of the Bavarian lion,” and added that it is “high time that we begin with delousing.” As we all know, delousing is a term Nazis used to describe the gassing of Jews (For the original of the article in German news magazine Focus, please follow this link:

Nazi-CSU Politician Josef Schmid (from DPA)
Nazi-CSU Politician Josef Schmid (from DPA)

This story is extremely disturbing for the following reasons: First, a German politician dares make such an outrageous reference to the holocaust and receives no reprimand from neither the German government nor from any other country, including the US and Israel. Second, this sicko was not asked by his party to withdraw his candidacy. Third, this story did not make it to the international media, including the news outlets in the US, the UK and Europe (run a query on Google about “munich delousing” and you will get nothing at least in the first few pages).  It looks like the Germans –again–did a good job covering it up.

What happened in the municipal elections in Munich in May 2008? Social Democrats won 66.7% of the vote while the Nazi-imitator got 24.5%.  It is still scary that he was able to obtain the support of one quarter of the constituency of this city, which is a liberal and cosmopolitan bastion in the middle of the extreme rightist desert of Bavaria. 

I am calling on the US and Israeli authorities to deny this Nazi entry if he tries to travel to the US or Israel. As far as other European countries are concerned, I don’t keep my hopes up because they prefer to tag along with Germany.


2 thoughts on “German Christian Democrat Wants to “DELOUSE” Munich from Social Democrats

  1. This is really bothersome. It seems like Germany hasn’t changed a bit in the last 60 years. Very sad and disgusting. Hey, if the US will deny Boy George a visa to enter the country — only because he tied up a rent boy — then there’s no excuse for letting this guy in. I’m going to write my Congressman today. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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