Golden Horn Hotel in Istanbul: Don’t go there… Unless you want to support Al-Qaeda

Turkish customers are refused sale of alcohol at the restaurant of Golden Horn Hotel in Istanbul, whereas foreigners are allowed to drink it. This is exemplary of the recent islamization campaign being conducted by the ruling islamofascist AKP party in Turkey.

Turkish daily Hürriyet reported that a waiter refused to serve alcohol to Dilek Kolat, who is a Turkish-German and a Berlin state representative from the social democratic SPD party, whereas the others in the group, all of whom were Germans, were served alcohol (for the original article, please follow The waiter explained that he would not serve her wine because she is a Turk, and the fact that she is Turkish German and a state representative from SPD did not matter. This upset not only Ms. Kolat, but the entire dinner party, and when she spoke to a manager, she was told her that the hotel was being controlled by AKP and the staff were not allowed to serve alcohol to Turkish citizens.

This blatant and unlawful discrimination is encouraged by the islamist mayor of Istanbul Kadir Topbaş from AKP, who has also banned alcohol at all restaurants and cafés operated by the municipality of Istanbul. It is noteworthy that the European Union, which has criticized the ongoing legal case against AKP in the Supreme Court has not raised its voice against this alcohol ban crusade which is being spread all over Turkey by the AKP administration in Ankara and local AKP governments. AKP’s islamofascist efforts seem to be in the best interest of Europe to keep Turkey out of the continent once she has been converted to a medieval society based on Iranian and Saudi models.

We appeal to all those who will visit Istanbul to avoid Golden Horn Hotel and all municipality owned and operated facilities: these places are run and staffed by islamic zealots who will smile at your face and spit in your food or drink, and pray Allah so all enemies of Islam (that is you) be destroyed in this world and the other… Do not support those who want to ruin secularism and enlightenment in Turkey. Do not support those who are working for a backward islamic empire hostile to the modern civilization. Do not support those who sympathize with Al-Qaeda and pray for its victory.


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