Tayyip Erdoğan: We Took Only (Sexual) Indecencies From West

Turkish prime minister, and the leader of the ruling islamofascist AKP party, Tayyip Erdoğan said “We (Turkey) took only indecencies from the West and not its science,” addressing  a group of students in a government scholarship award ceremony. (For the original newspaper article, please visit http://www.radikal.com.tr/haber.php?haberno=245471 ).

These words are surprising coming from the prime minister of a country which is a member of NATO and also is in accession talks with the European Union, by far the most prominent Western political institutions. However, they are not at all surprising for someone with an extremist islamic past and a fundamentalist philosophy. Erdoğan ‘s choice of word for “indecency” in Turkish (ahlaksizlik) is noteworthy because it means sexual deviancy and needs to be brought to the attention of those who claim Erdoğan believes in western democratic ideals and strives to establish a democracy based on western values. Just like every fundamentalist Muslim, he hates the West and everything it represents: democracy, secularism, freedom of speech, women’s rights… His true face is revealed in the following photo, where he is photographed kneeling in front of Gulbudin Hekmetyar, an Afghan warlord who has been designated as a terrorist by the United Nations Security Council:

Erdogan kneeling in front of Taliban terrorist

Who knows what kind of advice he was getting from his fellow Afghan jihadist? Probably not on promotion of women’s participation in civil society, and certainly not on granting marriage rights to gay couples…

Fortunately, the Turkish chief state prosecutor,  Abdurrahman Yalçınkaya, has brought a legal case in the Supreme Court against AKP and its leadership for their subversive activities to establish Islamic rule in Turkey (please see the other entries in my blog about the specifics of what AKP has done and is doing in terms of converting Turkey into an islamic regime). Propagandists of AKP in the EU and in the western media need to SHUT THE FUCK UP and let the independent judiciary do its job: protect Turkey from a cancerous islamic growth. For otherwise they all will regret if Taliban takes over Turkey and starts stirring up Europe with suicide bombers… Or point some nuclear devices against Berlin and Paris.


One thought on “Tayyip Erdoğan: We Took Only (Sexual) Indecencies From West

  1. Very interesting. I like it when you post your exposes in English, that way I can understand them better.

    Taliban in Turkey is a very scary thought!

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