EU’s Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn Supports Fundamentalist Islamists in Turkey

The EU’s Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn has denounced a decision by the Turkish Constitutional Court to formally hear demands to ban the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) for adopting Islam as its reference (  Olli Rehn said that there is no reason to justify a ban: “Such a measure may only be justified in the case of parties which advocate the use of violence or use violence as a political means to overthrow the democratic constitutional order. I do not see any such justification for this case.”

Olli Rehn fails to see, or prefers to ignore, AKP’s concerted and well-organized efforts to overthrow the secular regime in Turkey in a 20 year-long master plan. His main presumption is that, as long as AKP does not resort to violence, it should be allowed to destroy secularism in Turkey, which will automatically render Turkey ineligible for EU membership. Thus, EU will — in its own right– resolve the issue of the sick man of Europe once and for all — without having to issue an official rejection.

Rehn and other EU officials who side with AKP do not understand that, if Turkey is allowed to become like Iran, and gravitate out of EU membership path, it will turn into a geostrategic threat of unimaginable proportions to Europe, and the world.

What is AKP doing? In summary, it is trying to islamicize the Turkish society in a grassroots movement. Alcohol is being practically banned in many small towns throughout the Turkish countyside whereby local municipalities revoke or refuse to renew alcohol licenses of restaurants.  Government officials, whose wifes wear a headscarf, are being promoted; those whose wife don’t are being pressured to leave office.  Businessmen who want to obtain government contracts have to appear to be going to the mosque, or talk islamic talk, or simply appear devout. Those whose wifes don’t cover their head are excluded from doing business with the state.  Pepsi Cola subsidiary in Turkey received a $50,000 fine from “Ad Council”, a branch of Industry and Trade Ministry, because it refused to accept pictures of women in headscarves for a competition it had organized. Ads of women in bikinis are being banned from billboards in big cities.   AKP decided to keep religion class mandatory in primary and secondary education in spite of a recommendation by the EU.  In short, this is a movement from bottom up to convert an entire society into a fundamentalist islamic way of life, which will not only facilitate but also foster a change of the state regime.

Olli Rehn, and EU, beware… The guys who you are rooting for are no different from Taliban, with one difference that they try to keep things quiet until they reach their ultimate goal.


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